How We Do It

Sparkline Media is constantly abreast of the ever-changing new trends in search engine and internet marketing and utilizes these key pillars when developing a comprehensive and successful internet marketing strategy for clients:

Strategy and Planning – Sparkline Media develops a custom approach for your business to leverage your brand, website, internet marketing options, online social media, mobile marketing platforms, business listings and more.

Branding((LINK TO BRANDING SECTION)) – A company brand should both precede and underlie any marketing effort as the company brand is communicated through all internet marketing strategies, including website creation and optimization, social media, blogs, online press releases and video marketing, etc. Sparkline Media assists each client in developing a strong brand and how to communicate it to consumers.

Website Design – ((LINK TO WEBSITE)) – Whether you have no website presence or a so-so one, Sparkline Media offers options to fit any budget which will increase traffic and your ranking in search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – ((LINK TO SEO SECTION)) After building an effective website, Sparkline Media employs complex SEO strategies enabling your site to rank highly in Google- for your company name, industry and service areas- to bring consumers to your website.

Social Media Marketing – ((LINK TO SOCIAL MEDIA)) – Social media is a great avenue engaging new prospects and your loyal customers on their turf, by expanding your “tribe” of followers and establishing social authority for you and your business. Sparkline Media plans fresh content about your business by creating articles, videos, tweets, social media posts, site pages, follow up emails, and more allowing your business to flourish in the new social media platforms.

Local Business Listings – ((LINK TO BUSINESS LISTINGS)) – There are thousands of websites and directories on which local businesses are allowed to create free business listings, such as: Google+ Local, Yelp, Bing Places, Internet Yellow Pages, and Yahoo! Local. Sparkline Media develops strategies for getting your business locations found more successfully and increasing website traffic and sales via business directory listings.

Mobile Marketing Programs – ((LINK TO MOBILE)) – As its increasingly important to utilize mobile device (cell phones, tablets, etc.) marketing via website compatibility and other methods, Sparkline Media has methods for getting your business found through mobile devices and for following up powerfully with prospects and customers via their mobile devices.

Reputation Management – ((LINK TO REP MGMT)) – The internet and social media have made it essential for every customer to monitor online discussions by your happy AND frustrated customers and respond before the corporate public image suffers. Sparkline Media has comprehensive methods for monitoring your online reputation, focusing on keeping prospects and customers engaged and turning them into raving fans by following up through online reviews, blogs and other programs.

Online Reviews – ((LINK TO ONLINE REVIEWS)) Online reviews are becoming one of the most important sources consumers turn to when they are making a decision about whether or not to do business with a company. Digital reviews are especially important for local businesses. Sparkline Media’s Internet Marketing Review programs include integrated website (and off-site) features that automatically solicit and track feedback, prevent bad reviews, push testimonials out to your website and encourage happy customers to leave reviews across the Internet.

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Sparkline Media is an SEO Company specializing in Local Internet Marketing Strategies that produce maximum visibility for your Home Services Business and are designed to take your business (and profits) to the next level! Contact Sparkline Media today for more information on growing your business online!