Co-Op Marketing

What is Co-Op?

Co-op marketing Co-Op or cooperative advertising is the sharing of costs for locally placed advertising between a retailer and a manufacturer. Any small business that deals with the products of a major manufacturer and engages in internet marketing or advertising can benefit from cooperative advertising ventures. This includes advertisements or websites by companies that include the specific mention of the manufacturer, who – in turn – repays the company for all or part of the cost of the advertisement or website. Cooperative advertising is a cost-effective way for manufacturers and retailers to reach their target markets. Although co-op advertising policies differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, most national brands will pay a portion of the advertising costs and supply the retailer with photos or graphics to use in the ad or website (or sometimes the entire ad/website itself). Many manufacturers have a set amount of cooperative advertising funds available per year, distributed as opportunities for collaboration arise. Manufacturers report, however, that much of this money goes unspent, as relatively few retailers and wholesalers pursue cooperative agreements.

How Does Co-Op Help You?

Cooperative advertising can be a very powerful tool for the small business owner, especially one with limited means to support the kind of advertising campaign – which can be vital to the survival and success of a business enterprise. The biggest benefit of cooperative advertising for small business owners, of course, is that such arrangements can dramatically cut advertising costs. Using co-op advertising funds cuts down not only on your media costs but also on your ad production and creative expenses as well. The added funds from such a cooperative agreement can improve the quality of marketing or broaden the scope of its distribution. It can create important links between products and the small retailer who handles the product for the manufacturer. In addition, it can attract customers loyal to a certain product to a vendor whose name had not before been associated with that product. These corporate advertising dollars can make it possible for small businesses to establish a far stronger presence in the community than would otherwise be possible. Finally, cooperative advertising can lend an air of legitimacy to small business enterprises. Small companies that are able to link their name with that of a nationally recognized product or service should work hard to maintain such ties, particularly if the product or service in question already has strong user loyalty.

How Sparkline Media Maximizes Your Co-Op Dollars

Cooperative MarketingHaving a marketing company that knows your business is not only a plus, but a necessity. Home Services Industry marketing is unique to consumer behaviors with seasonal stimulators that are associated with consumer awareness. Timing and know-how is important for a successful marketing campaign. Distributor relations and promotions set Sparkline Media apart from other marketing companies. Sparkline Media understands all aspects of Home Services marketing including Co-Op and Co-Marketing opportunities. The experts at Sparkline Media will help you maximize every potential co-op avenue to generate more sales for your company, and reduce the cost of doing business.

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