Online Reviews

What are Online Reviews?

5 StarsIn the digital age, online reviews have largely taken the place of the word-of-mouth referrals. The emergence of numerous review sites, such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Plus, etc. have created an unprecedented, ongoing online conversation about local businesses. Quite simply, consumer reviews increase conversions. When you have genuine customer reviews online, consumers are more inclined to choose you over a competitor; it’s just a fact. The more reviews you have, the more legitimate you are going to appear to consumers. Consumers want to know that your company is established enough to get multiple reviews. Positive reviews can eliminate any doubts potential customers may have about a business or product, or can assist in a consumer’s selection.

Why are Online Reviews Important?

A single statistic might just get your attention: 90% of us trust the recommendations of others. (Source: Forrester Research)

Facebook-thumbs-up-150x150Notice, this is 90% of anyone else. Not just friends or family recommendations, but the recommendations of any random stranger that happens to have a computer connected to the internet. With the rise of review websites and directories (and social media), consumers have placed our trust in the endorsements and critiques of complete and total strangers.

Online reviews are becoming one of the most important sources consumers turn to when they are making a decision about whether or not to do business with a company. Digital reviews are especially important for local businesses. Many will turn to sites like Yahoo! Local, Yelp and Google+ Local to find reviews for different companies. Review sites offer a huge advantage to local businesses because search engines place a lot of weight on customer reviews (as do prospective customers). A major component of placement in the Google Map listings (displayed on page 1 of Google’s local search results) is the number of quality reviews your company has received. Many review sites allow businesses to make profiles, which encourage their customers to share their experience. Each review posted online by a customer is a form of advertising for your business. Your name and product are exposed to readers, increasing their awareness of who you are and what you do.

Earning positive online reviews isn’t just good for earning high local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings; it’s also good for business. According to Forbes, 90 percent of customers report they’ve been influenced to make purchases based on reviews, and that 85 percent of customers read online reviews for local businesses.

How Sparkline Media Maximizes Your Reputation & Reviews

Earning a steady stream of customer reviews is one of the most important pieces of a local business’s online marketing campaign. Internet marketing experts agree that online customer reviews can improve a business’s rankings on Google—and plenty of consumer research suggests they are a key piece of the purchase-decision process.

Sparkline Media’s Internet Marketing Review programs include integrated website (and off-site) features that automatically solicit and track feedback, prevent bad reviews, push testimonials out to your website and encourage happy customers to leave reviews across the Internet. Sparkline Media utilizes a unique method of helping clients connect with their customers and asking them for feedback. Sparkline Media not only helps clients monitor their business’ online reputation, but also helps clients build better relationships with their customers.

According to research by the Nielson consulting group, 60 percent of users of social networking and review sites to offer feedback or reviews of products and services. Given the number of people willing to discuss real customer experiences – and especially negative ones – the only truly effective way to create a positive online reputation is through appropriate business processes. If you think you can skip this or if you think you can make it without taking into account people’s voices, opinions, and reviews, think again.

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