What is a blog?

A blog is made up of usually short, frequently updated entries, called posts, that are arranged chronologically-like a “what’s new” page or a journal. Blogs typically include features such as comments and links to increase user interactivity. As the Internet has become more social, blogs have gained in popularity. Today, there are over 100 million blogs with more entering the blogosphere every day. Blogs have become more than online diaries. In fact, blogging has become an important part of the online and offline worlds with popular bloggers impacting the worlds of politics, business and society with their words. The blogging movement is picking up speed as businesses begin to realize the benefits of blogging.

What are business blogs?

Business blogs are a corporate tool for communicating with customers or employees to share knowledge and expertise. Business blogs are sweeping the business community as large AND small companies realize the benefits of blogging. Blogs are an excellent method to share a company’s expertise, build additional web traffic, and connect with employees, current customers and potential customers. If your company is not blogging, it’s time to get started… or get left behind.

Why is business blogging important?

blogBlogging is one of the most valuable (and inexpensive) tools that businesses have to engage with customers and ultimately make their company’s marketing more informational. Blogging is a great way to demonstrate your business’ expertise and build relationships with prospective customers, peers, and your existing customers. It can give a big boost to your websites’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but can require a significant time commitment. Google loves blog pages. The content on a blog page can dramatically improve your website’s Google ranking as well as give potential customers great information about your business and industry. Consider that the more pages your website has, the greater your chances are to rank in search engines. The problem is, you don’t just want to throw up random web pages all over your site. That would be a terrible user experience, and your site would quickly become a total mess.

Business blogging is a solution to that conundrum. Every time you post a new blog post on your website, you have a new web page on your website, and it’s all housed under your blog so your website doesn’t get cluttered with pages here, there, and everywhere. Each time you publish a blog post, and thus, create a new web page, you create one more opportunity for your site to rank in search engines (by blogging about topics relevant to your business and industry) and appear for the queries people are entering into search engines.

How Sparkline Media Maximizes Your Social Media Strategy

Sparkline Media incorporates blogging for your company as part of your website and social media platform. Many internet marketing companies simply provide boring, generic blogs that no one would want to read. Sparkline Media has a staff of professional copywriters that are experts in the home services industry to provide quality content that is both engaging and SEO-enhanced to improve your website’s rankings and increase your business. At Sparkline Media, expert copywriters regularly produce and post valuable information that would be of interest to your current and potential customers. For example, some topics may include: “How to select your type of services (HVAC, plumber, electrician, landscaper, etc.) in your area”, “When is it time to consider a new air conditioner?”, “How can I lower my monthly energy bills?”, “What is the difference between a standard hot water heater and a Tankless water heater?”, “How to I winterize my HVAC system?” “How do I fix a rocking toilet?”, “What are the benefits of solar panels?’ etc. By regularly publishing this content on your website (specific to your business and specific to your geography), you are building your internet presence and credibility for your company, while saving time.

Sparkline Media will create a customized social media campaign that will increase your website traffic, promote your brand and increase your presence in the marketplace by utilizing the most popular blogging and social media formats, such as Google+, FaceBook, Twitter, and more! Sparkline Media will not only blog regularly for you, but also create, build, and maintain social media profiles for your business. As content is created for you and published, it is shared across the internet and linked back to your business.

Are you ready to increase your business’ brand profits?

Sparkline Media is an SEO Company specializing in Local Internet Marketing Strategies that produce maximum visibility for your Home Services Business and are designed to take your business (and profits) to the next level! Contact Sparkline Media today for more information on growing your business online!